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About Vin Couture

Vin Couture Concierge creates beautiful wine centric itineraries.

From the moment you arrive, you will receive an unparalleled experience of surprise, intrigue, indulgence and good cheer. Vin Couture has sought out multiple premium wineries from Sonoma County and its neighboring wine growing regions,  to create unique opportunities of which to exploring and experience  the California wine country lifestyle.

Owner, Kelleyanne Dove has devoted over ten years to building strong relationships with a diverse collection of wineries. From the limited production, small gem wineries, to the big bold, sought after brands, Kelleyanne and her staff will  ensure you have the opportunity to visit and taste wines that meet your specifications. Vin Couture Concierge works closely with you in order to get a clear understanding of how you and your friend might  best like to spend your time here in the Wine Country. Vin Couture can then develop a one day or full weekend wine exploration experience itinerary. Not sure what style of wine you prefer or what wineries to visit, let us help guide you. Vin Couture Concierge  extends the highest level of service and personal attention, taking care of the smallest details  to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable visit and Wine Country reprieve. Please let us know if you would like to explore the possibilities!